Author: Joshua Borbone

Perception – Xbox One

Perception is an adventure/horror game in which you play as a blind woman… If that doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what the heck will! Let’s go through a quick checklist before we begin the review: Large creepy vacant house? – Check Doors opening and closing by themselves? – Check Creepy Ghost children? – Check Wait, what’s this, an engaging and well written story? – Check Before I continue, I want to let you know I’m going to leave out a lot of details regarding the story. I truly think that covering gameplay will get you interested enough...

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How do YOU XBox?

The Xbox is so much more than a gaming console, but it doesn’t have to be.   For me, my Xbox is my hub, my daily routine. I wake up and I turn on my Xbox. My main page doesn’t feature the last game I have played, it shows me YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now and Blu ray player. I’m not saying I don’t game on it, of course I do, but it’s not my main use for the console. That has changed over time.   As the Xbox evolved, so did I. I only ever used my 360...

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Injustice 2 – Guild – PS4

PSVG WANTS YOU!! We here at the site have created an Injustice 2 Guild and would love for our readers and listeners to join. I mean, sure, you could just join a random huge guild that is out there. But you would just be a number to them.  Come join us and you can help us rise up through the ranks and have a genuine sense of accomplishment!! The Guild info is in the top left hand corner of that image. When searching just enter : XQN38. Also, while I have your attention, why not head over and check out...

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Riptide GP: Renegade – Xbox One

Wave Race, Wipeout and Hydro Thunder walk into a bar. That Bar is this game. If you are like me, the first thing you thought of when you heard the title of this game was the mobile game. You will be happy to hear that this is the developers first in the series of games to be built from consoles. They ran the gauntlet that is Microsoft’s XPA certification standards to make sure to delivery a high quality game. You jump right into what can best be described as the plot from a Fast and Furious movie. You are...

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Subterrain – PS4

MARS! Space Prison! Enter Douglas Quaid……. Oh, nope, no Douglas Quaid here. I think his eyeballs exploded or something. (Look it up you millennials) You are Doctor Albert West, but your cellmates just call you West now. You see, after a “lab accident”, you are to serve a murder sentence in Mars Jail. You start the game in your cell. You haven’t had food rations or have seen a guard for a week. Then all of a sudden a creepy looking guard dude peeks in your cell and basically says, we are moving you out of here. They are...

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Rise & Shine Review – Xbox One

Rise & Shine is an adult swim game, so buckle up and prepare for something unique. As described by the developer: “Welcome to Gamearth, a once peaceful planet now threatened by the warmongering Space grunts of Nexgen. In the aftermath of their devastating first strike a child named Rise is forced to take on the sacred gun Shine – and with it the fate of his world.” If you can pick out some of the gaming parodies already, you’re in for a treat! Rise & Shine is littered with game references! You play in a fourth wall shattering role, the...

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Darksiders Warmastered Edition – Xbox One

Darksiders Warmastered   I have never played any of the Darksiders games. Not for lack of wanting, to be honest I’m not really sure why I never played them. I had always heard good things about them, especially amongst the PSVG staff. I specifically made sure not to look at any past reviews or gameplay so I would have a fresh take.   Darksiders Warmastered starts the way very few games start, and it’s something that I have always loved in games…….. Ultimate Power! You start the game at the peak of your power, fighting incredibly large and impressive...

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Earth’s Dawn – Xbox One

As described by the developer: Earth’s Dawn is looming and the fate of the planet hangs in the balance! Sign up as a member of A.N.T.I. – a squad of super-human soldiers powered by alien technology – and fight to reclaim Earth from the alien invasion known as E.B.E before it’s too late… Packed with super-fast sci-fi action, Earth’s Dawn offers 2D side-scrolling gameplay in a beautiful hand-drawn style. Combat is intuitive, but deceptively deep with combos, finishers and rankings after enemy encounters all adding depth to the game, while RPG-style skill trees, equipment crafting and character evolution open up things even further. Choose your own path through 100 missions, earn rewards by clearing them with style and discover new plot threads behind Earth’s counteroffensive, then fight huge bosses to crush the E.B.E. threat once and for all! Now, as described by me, a simple man with a controller in his hands: Earth’s dawn is a very unique game. It’s for sure a direct port from Japan, that is obvious right from the beginning. Aliens (E.B.E.’s) have taken over the United States and the only way to defeat them is to use the alien material (body parts) to create a bio engineered suit that helps you destroy them. It’s funny, because right from the start every character speaks Japanese. Talking about New York and Wisconsin, referencing to characters as...

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Ginger: Beyond the Crystal – Xbox One

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is described as “an adventure platformer in which you have to rebuild and restore balance to a world devastated by the explosion of a mystical crystal.” Ginger is a platformer that has so much potential to be a good game, but unfortunately due to terrible camera angles and glitchy/repetitive gameplay, Ginger falls short of being average. Story If you can get past the terrible voice acting and poorly written story that greets you at the start of Ginger, you will begin your quest. You are tasked with saving your people after the Crystals that keep everyone safe somehow become corrupted. Your objective is to travel to strange levels and purify crystals by completing oddly mundane tasks given to you by a guardian type creature. It may be to bring a rodent 3 pieces of cheese so he can open a location for you or even gather 3 apples for a strange creature to eat so he/she will open a gate for you. I never felt any sense of purpose for these fetch quests, and they certainly didn’t line up with the story in any way. You then travel back to the main “hub” and use crystal shards you collect to save the Gingerians. You also collect supplies during your playthrough to rebuild the towns. I never really got a good sense of why I am doing...

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HoPiKo Review – Xbox One

HoPiKo by Laser Dog is a fast & fun  speed-run platformer that will raise your adrenaline!  With some very addicting chip-tune music, think Mega Man soundtrack-style, which I affectionately call Bitcore (not a thing). The music in the game really motivated me to move through these stages as fast as possible. Let’s start with the story. HoPiKo kicks off its story with children playing on what could best be described as an original Xbox console. They are having a blast until all of the sudden their systems gets a virus! Don’t worry, it’s not of the Red Ring variety, but It is not your job as the hero/antibody to cure the system of the virus. That’s pretty much it, nothing too complex, but it works. During my last review for PSVG, I mentioned how difficult yet fun Castles was. HoPiKo falls within that same description. You will die a lot as you play this game and those not interested in learning from failure will become frustrated. Each level consists of 5 stages. If you die on stage 4 or 5, it’s all the way back to the beginning. This very akin to a Super Meat Boy but in HoPiKo, instead of meat grinders you are avoiding viruses. HoPiKo’s level design is great. At first I wished there was more variety within the levels, but eventually you will encounter a stage...

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First Impressions: Battlefield 1 – Xbox One

I began my adventure early thanks to being a member of EA Access. If you aren’t a member yet, you should be. The value you get for just $30 a year is astounding. The only downside is that it’s only on Xbox. Anyway, that’s not what I am here to talk about. As soon as you boot up Battlefield 1 you get thrown right into the fray. No main menu, no multiplayer nonsense, just a brief history lesson and a chilling and challenging statement. “You are not expected to survive” When I read that I took it as a challenge. I tried my best, but resistance was futile. Those damn Flamethrowers! Battlefield throws you right into the middle of “it”. “It” being one of the most brutal wars ever fought. What Battlefield does here is pretty great. You are getting some education and some real gosh darn excitement. Pardon my language. Maybe it was just me but I really go the sense  that I was playing on a chess board. You get into the fray, and eventually die. Just as they show your birth and death year the screen lifts you up with a sort of birds eye view of the battlefield and just as quickly you are now a different soldier with a different view of the fight. It’s pretty exhilarating! Now knowing that you are supposed to...

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Castles Review – Xbox One

Castles, by Woot Games and Badland games, is a puzzle game: A difficult, unforgivingly challenging, puzzle game. But it doesn’t start off that way. The premise of the game is something you will probably forget soon after you start the game.  It’s not very important to the game play and you won’t really have much time to think about it anyways. It does start with a Castle Crashers-esque animated story which is relatively charming. You are a worker for your King, who has decided he wanted to build the biggest castle in all the land. After he sends you to work on the structure, another King (possibly evil? They don’t really say…) decides to try and stop you. That is literally the whole story. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. You will not remember this game for its story because it is greatly overshadowed by its challenging gameplay. The tutorial flies by, and while it gives you the basics, as a good tutorial should, it does not prepare you for what is about to come. To be honest, I kind of wish the tutorial was a little bit longer, and that’s saying something because I generally hate tutorials. To be fair, puzzle games were never my strong suit (so please keep that in mind while reading as you might not find this game as challenging as I did.). I’m...

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