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NBA Live In the works yet again

NBA Live has been a tragic story as of late. From missed years to delays and just not being on par with the stellar NBA2K franchise. Every year around this time we get hints and images of EA’s next entry into the series and this year is no different. Early screenshots have begun to leak and per usual they look great. The questions remain, will it be able to compete from a gameplay perspective with NBA2K, and will even come out in a timely fashion? More importantly does anyone even care at this point? We should have more on...

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Destiny 2 reveal wrap up

Well it’s finally here. The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event. It looks like more Destiny, but a superbly polished Destiny,and quite honestly that’s the best thing we could have asked for. The 30 seconds of fun loop that Bungie seeks to create is one of the absolute best in gaming. There is something so satisfying about turning a corner and clearing out a room of enemies that Destiny was literally was the only game I played for about a year straight. Well enough gushing, let’s get to it guardian. ALL NEW EVERYTHING So as we already know you will...

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PSN Pick(s) of the week: May 16th

This week we have a slew of new releases worth talking about, so without further adieu, let’s just jump right into it! INJUSTICE 2 The follow-up to the acclaimed DC Injustice: Gods Among us has everything going for it right now. A deep compelling storyline, a great roster of characters and an excellent fighting system. From everything we’ve seen so far, this is much more than your standard fighting game. Just the sheer amount of modes, game-play options, and robust online features, including clans, this is going to be a surefire hit and have legs long past the summer....

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Tango Fiesta: The Greatest Action Story Never Told

Tango Fiesta is a sly top down twin stick shooter that places you in every single 80’s action flick all rolled into one. It’s greatest strength lies it’s absolutely absurd and hilarious story. If you are familiar with any of the action flicks of the 80’s then you will be right at home and chuckling away at the silly dialog and main character John Strong who looks Bruce Willis as John McClain in die Hard. John Strong is the greatest action hero you’ve never hear of. Has he defeated the Russians? Yup. Did he squash the Middle East? Been...

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PSN Pick(s) of the week: 05/01 It’s gonna be May

It’s another glorious month here on the Island. The sun is shining the birds are singing, a catastrophe has beset space station, there’s a rude bear running around, and a seed needs our help! Whelp lets start the summer off with a bang. Without further adieu PlayStation faithful lets dive in! PREY “In Space can anyone hear you scream?” I’ve always loved that saying, and if it isn’t fitting for Prey I don’t know what is. Prey puts you in the shoes of Morgan Yu, the subject of an experiment gone seemingly horribly wrong on the Talos I space...

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