Author: Caroline

TheNintenDame Does Ever Oasis!

Most of the PSVG crew have opted to not try Ever Oasis in favor of Miitopia later this month.  I am the exception to the rule and downright ecstatic to be so.  The past few weeks have been spent beating story mode (within a week’s time) and chipping away to satisfy my urge to complete all quests imaginable.  That’s right, the 100% run.  When I dove into this game, I knew it would be a matter of boosting your oasis and gaining residents, but I had no idea how obsessive collecting the whole roster of residents would be. The...

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E3 2017 Wrap Up: 5 Things I Loved From Nintendo

Though the Nintendo Spotlight for E3 was short, it was nothing short of sweet.  Here’s my top five “Most Excited For” out of Nintendo’s E3 2017 announcements! #5 – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 JRPGs have to be one of my favorite genres.  Though this is the case, I have never dabbled in the realm of Xenoblade Chronicles.  That being said, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks like the perfect JRPG experience you would normally get from a 3DS game with home console power.  The art style is gorgeous and a complete turn from its Wii and Wii U counterparts.  The world is...

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