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My Biggest E3 Takeaway? Sony is Committed to PSVR

E3. It is the most wonderful time of the year if you are a gamer. One of my favorite parts of the show is that no matter where you play your games, or what type of games you enjoy, there is going to be something for you at E3. I do not care who “won” E3, or what press conference was the best. I may jump into the fray to offer an opinion or two, and while those conversations can be fun, I tend to reflect on what E3 means for me as a gamer. Selfish? Sure, but waxing...

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Gameumentary Releases Their Premiere Documentary

Video games are my most time-consuming hobby, mostly because of PSVG, but one hobby I try to give as much time to as I can is watching documentaries. When those hobbies collide, it is a best of both worlds situation for me. The first one to suck me in was 2 Player Productions work Double Fine Adventure which is the story of making Broken Age. It is long but worth the watch. I also enjoy the work Danny O’Dwyer does over on Noclip. Both of these groups do quality work, but there are so many stories to tell, I am happy to...

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Human: Fall Flat (PS4) Review

Physics-based puzzle games are a tough nut to crack. Make the game too hard and the player leaves the game frustrated, never to return to the thumb contorting nightmare they just experienced. Make the game too easy and the player leaves disappointed, thinking about the untapped potential of the game they just played. Human: Fall Flat attempts to balance this difficulty teeter-totter by keeping the mechanics simple (all you can do is grab things and jump) but increasing the complexity of the situation you need to apply the mechanics in. While there is the occasional stumble, Human: Fall Flat manages to...

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PSN Pick(s) of the Week: June 6

Summer. Ok, it is not officially summer, but E3 is next week, so that, to me, means summer! Gaming releases are supposed to slow down at this point, and that does seem to be the case. However, PlayStation is using this summer to release a few remasters and highly hyped indy game to get us through the summer doldrums. If you are into racing games, one of them is out this week! What else am I interested in? Let’s take a look! Superbeat: Xonic (PS4) If you want a great rhythm game with a decent number of tracks (68 in...

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What Xbox Has That PlayStation Should

As Xbox Week draws to a close here at PSVG, it only makes sense to have an article from, you know, me. The guy who only plays PlayStation. The self-proclaimed (and moderately tolerated by the other PSVG folk) Lorde of the Isle. While I am exclusively a PlayStation gamer, it is not because I hate Xbox (the Nintendo Shack is a different story, but only the Shack, not Nintendo) but because by focusing on one ecosystem (and my preferred gaming ecosystem) I can talk more in-depth and intelligently about it. Xbox (and Microsoft as a whole) has done some...

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