Author: Mo Mahoney

Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy episode One: Tangled Up in Blue: Quick Impression

I am a huge Telltale fan. I feel that is something you should know from the start of this. I have played every game they’ve made on the Microsoft console side and have played almost all of them multiple times. I love the stories, the easy cheeves, the awesome characters and decisions, and the cheeves. The only thing that seems to be the norm for me in the Telltale games is that I buy the physical copy almost exclusively unless there is some really great deal. I don’t replay these games on the same console. I beat the game,...

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Toby: The Secret Mine Review

Do you like the dark? Not the scary darkness in creepy movies. I would say more of that 2 am, walking around on the outskirts of a city type darkness. If you are picking up what I am saying then Toby: The Secret Mine might be the game for you. Toby TSM is a LImbo/Inside esk style of game with a dark art style and no vocal narrative. As I started to play the game I even tried to go left (first achievement you can get in Limbo) just out of curiosity on how similar these games may be....

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Coach Mo plays… a movie?! (Late Shift)

Hello friends. I hope you have been well. I am very well actually and that is in fact what inspired this late night blog post. This is not one of my normal posts where it isย written and rewritten, edited by a group of friends before publishing. This is just me telling you how I feel without the second thought of fear, my greatest aid when I write. I just played something I have never played before.   Now for those of you who don’t know me, I play everything, Yea really, I do. Ask the PSVG crew, my wife,...

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Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic

I like to start my reviews with an intro that ties into the game and the feelings it gives me. Normally this is done with an analogy or merging the game with feelings/memories I have had. So when you read this next sentence, please understand that this took me hours of thought, careful deliberation, and rewrite after rewrite after rewrite.   This game is Chris Rock.   Take a second. Reread it, prep yourself.       This game, this hilarious game, is Chris Rock. What do I mean by this? Well folks, when I dove into this game...

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An Open Letter to Zelda Breath of the Wild

Dear Zelda Breath of the Wild, I havenโ€™t been a gamer as long as some of our readers, definitely our staff. I entered gaming playing sports games for most of my life. These sports games have fulfill a large majority of my favorite gaming moments and I still enjoy them today. That pattern began to evolve a few years ago when I made some changes in my game library in order to help me connect with students, a story I am sure you already know from the podcast. Nowadays, Iย play most everything, especially on the new consoles (Xbox One...

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