Author: Mo Mahoney

Le Tour de France 2017 Review

As you look around, men and women are cheering, the buildings are climbing the horizon in front of you, and you can spot the pace car ahead. Your breath is fading, your chest is pounding, and that jerk behind you who has been using you to draft behind for the last stage is making his move. As you rapidly pedal as fast as you can you feel your muscles screaming in unison with the ever growing crowds of fans. You arrive at a cross road. Go for the win and risk a blow out? Or play it safe for the points? The decision...

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Demon’s Crystals Review

Demon’s Crystal by StarCruiser Studio is described on xbox one as, “a frenetic twin stick shooter where you guide the Urican demons through countless hazards in order to restore peace to the world.” Now I don’t know about you but that is one of those cringe worthy moments for me as a gamer. Save the world? Urican? That’s a whole lot of build up for a game I have never hear of. But if there is one thing the past has taught me, its to not judge a book till you’ve read it, or at least tried to read it,...

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PS+ July 2017 Announced

Today we found out what free games those of you who are PlayStation Plus members will receive the month of July 2017. For PlayStation 4: Until Dawn Telltale’s Game of Thrones Don’t Die, Mr. Robot (cross buy for vita as well) PS Vita: Don’t Die, Mr Robot Element4l PlayStation 3: Tokyo Jungle Darkstalkers Resurrection   The Steal of the month in this Coach’s opinion is a tie between Until Dawn and Don’t Die, Mr Robot. The big game Until Dawn was a huge step forward in horror lite types of games. With a strong narrative focus, choices that really...

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Coach is Jacked for Madden: Responds from the Sideline

Today was an amazing day. I love EA. For years they have made games that I derive so much pleasure and enjoyment from. There have been some bad days following them for sure, but a lot of good ones too thanks to the games they make. Most of you know, my favorite of their franchise is the Madden series. So as I watched the EA conference with with my wife, I literally jumped out of the seat when I saw the drumline all decked out in their Patriots gear. My Madden hype meter had already blown past 10! As I...

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Walking Dead A New Frontier Review: (with a spoiler free crust)

  When I first heard I would not be playing as Clementine in the Walking Dead season 3, I found myself upset. I played as Lee begrudgingly. He was fine as a character but if he really had that little girls future at heart the whole issue in the city would have never happened and he and she would have been fine! But after his sacrifice at the end of the season and then playing as Clem in what was a roller coaster of a season and experiences, I just fell in love with her as a character. She had...

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