Author: Mo Mahoney

Monster Hunter World: Review in Transit

It has been awhile since I dusted my keyboard off for something that wasn’t the OT or my special piece (listen to the podcast for more info). However, after a lot of conversation it just felt like it was time to pull up to the desk, grab a cup of coffee, and talk to you the amazing people who come to PSVG. Thank you so much for your time and I hope you find this fun and informative. I had already pre-ordered the collectors edition of Monster Hunter World a few months ago. I was more or less excited...

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Madden 17: A Review, Reflection, and look to the future.

13 days. What could you do in 13 days, friends? As a teacher who is wrapping up a summer of yard work, house projects, movies, and more I feel that in 13 days I could accomplish almost anything. But the 13 is not just an obscure number thrown out to get you thinking; instead, it is the amount of time I have put into Madden 17 on the Xbox One alone. I tend not to play online, except for the multiplayer achievements in the game, as I prefer the franchise mode. Here I get to build up a dynasty in the image I would want–a tough defense, a good running back, a team that limits turnovers, plays fast in all their phases (offense, defense, and special teams), and has the best defensive and offensive lines in the league. In my opinion, teams like this can’t lose. This year was unlike any other year in Madden for me. My friend Dan and I have played ten seasons so far in this league. The Bears have won 9 Super Bowls, and the Jets have won 1. Our league started with four people–Dan, Brian, our very own Nathan Thomas, and myself. After a season, it expanded to 5 with the great Alex D. replacing Brian (who left under mysterious circumstances) and another friend, Cory. Cory and Alex stayed two seasons, and Alex...

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Le Tour de France 2017 Review

As you look around, men and women are cheering, the buildings are climbing the horizon in front of you, and you can spot the pace car ahead. Your breath is fading, your chest is pounding, and that jerk behind you who has been using you to draft behind for the last stage is making his move. As you rapidly pedal as fast as you can you feel your muscles screaming in unison with the ever growing crowds of fans. You arrive at a cross road. Go for the win and risk a blow out? Or play it safe for the points? The decision...

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Demon’s Crystals Review

Demon’s Crystal by StarCruiser Studio is described on xbox one as, “a frenetic twin stick shooter where you guide the Urican demons through countless hazards in order to restore peace to the world.” Now I don’t know about you but that is one of those cringe worthy moments for me as a gamer. Save the world? Urican? That’s a whole lot of build up for a game I have never hear of. But if there is one thing the past has taught me, its to not judge a book till you’ve read it, or at least tried to read it,...

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PS+ July 2017 Announced

Today we found out what free games those of you who are PlayStation Plus members will receive the month of July 2017. For PlayStation 4: Until Dawn Telltale’s Game of Thrones Don’t Die, Mr. Robot (cross buy for vita as well) PS Vita: Don’t Die, Mr Robot Element4l PlayStation 3: Tokyo Jungle Darkstalkers Resurrection   The Steal of the month in this Coach’s opinion is a tie between Until Dawn and Don’t Die, Mr Robot. The big game Until Dawn was a huge step forward in horror lite types of games. With a strong narrative focus, choices that really matter to the end, and super replay ability make Until Dawn one of my favorite games to ever come out on the PS4. But don’t sleep on Don’t Die, Mr Robot. A favorite of mine on vita, this title is basically an arcade styled dodge-em-up, where your focus is on epic dodges, chasing, and explosions infused with fruit! No, that wasn’t a type, Fruit are broken/captured to bring your score up. The Remix version is my favorite and this game can be enjoyed for both new and old gamers. With this great lineup from Sony, which game are you the most excited to play? Let us know by leaving a comment or hitting us up on twitter. Thanks for reading this and as our fearless leader says, never stop gaming....

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Coach is Jacked for Madden: Responds from the Sideline

Today was an amazing day. I love EA. For years they have made games that I derive so much pleasure and enjoyment from. There have been some bad days following them for sure, but a lot of good ones too thanks to the games they make. Most of you know, my favorite of their franchise is the Madden series. So as I watched the EA conference with with my wife, I literally jumped out of the seat when I saw the drumline all decked out in their Patriots gear. My Madden hype meter had already blown past 10! As I...

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Walking Dead A New Frontier Review: (with a spoiler free crust)

  When I first heard I would not be playing as Clementine in the Walking Dead season 3, I found myself upset. I played as Lee begrudgingly. He was fine as a character but if he really had that little girls future at heart the whole issue in the city would have never happened and he and she would have been fine! But after his sacrifice at the end of the season and then playing as Clem in what was a roller coaster of a season and experiences, I just fell in love with her as a character. She had...

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Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy episode One: Tangled Up in Blue: Quick Impression

I am a huge Telltale fan. I feel that is something you should know from the start of this. I have played every game they’ve made on the Microsoft console side and have played almost all of them multiple times. I love the stories, the easy cheeves, the awesome characters and decisions, and the cheeves. The only thing that seems to be the norm for me in the Telltale games is that I buy the physical copy almost exclusively unless there is some really great deal. I don’t replay these games on the same console. I beat the game,...

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Toby: The Secret Mine Review

Do you like the dark? Not the scary darkness in creepy movies. I would say more of that 2 am, walking around on the outskirts of a city type darkness. If you are picking up what I am saying then Toby: The Secret Mine might be the game for you. Toby TSM is a LImbo/Inside esk style of game with a dark art style and no vocal narrative. As I started to play the game I even tried to go left (first achievement you can get in Limbo) just out of curiosity on how similar these games may be....

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Coach Mo plays… a movie?! (Late Shift)

Hello friends. I hope you have been well. I am very well actually and that is in fact what inspired this late night blog post. This is not one of my normal posts where it is written and rewritten, edited by a group of friends before publishing. This is just me telling you how I feel without the second thought of fear, my greatest aid when I write. I just played something I have never played before.   Now for those of you who don’t know me, I play everything, Yea really, I do. Ask the PSVG crew, my wife,...

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Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic

I like to start my reviews with an intro that ties into the game and the feelings it gives me. Normally this is done with an analogy or merging the game with feelings/memories I have had. So when you read this next sentence, please understand that this took me hours of thought, careful deliberation, and rewrite after rewrite after rewrite.   This game is Chris Rock.   Take a second. Reread it, prep yourself.       This game, this hilarious game, is Chris Rock. What do I mean by this? Well folks, when I dove into this game...

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An Open Letter to Zelda Breath of the Wild

Dear Zelda Breath of the Wild, I haven’t been a gamer as long as some of our readers, definitely our staff. I entered gaming playing sports games for most of my life. These sports games have fulfill a large majority of my favorite gaming moments and I still enjoy them today. That pattern began to evolve a few years ago when I made some changes in my game library in order to help me connect with students, a story I am sure you already know from the podcast. Nowadays, I play most everything, especially on the new consoles (Xbox One & PS4) and I do believe I have played a large chunk of the games they offer. Let’s run down some I have won Super Bowls, Stanley cups, World Series, NBA championships, racing cups, and many a PGA tours. I have killed dragons, explored dungeons, traveled home, and last waste to the opposition. I have had 20 kill streaks, awesome 4v1 comebacks, captured the flag, and held the point. I have walked with Ellie, learned with Clem, watched villains fall, and seen heroes give their all. I have saved the day with Drake, seen a father connect with his son, and experienced highs and lows. In these moments, I have been able to understand and see the plan, open the map, find the keys to the puzzles, and enjoy the...

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Super Mega Baseball

Given the chance, many of us would be able to sum up our lives in a few words. Mine is easy. Ball. it was my first word, my first love, my first job, got me into college, and is what my professional career is based upon. Sports have been my whole life for as long as I can remember. As sports are all around me in both my day job, hobbies, and gaming I have a lot of great sports memories. . However, my favorite memories of sports aren’t the championships as a player and coach in real life and...

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The Dwarves

The Dwarves game is considered to be a “Story Driven Fantasy RPG” as they state on their Kickstarter page. The reason I choose to use their wording instead of my own is because I don’t think “awesome axe smasher/Orc slayer” is the idea they are trying to sell people on. From the first mission to the last you are immersed in a beautiful world filled with amazing stories, wonderful creatures, and incredible game play. This game blends some great old school game mechanics from old franchises we know and love (turn based travel, question choices, etc) with their own mix...

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PSVR Review: Sports Bar VR

When our fearless Co-Editor and Chief contacted me and said, “Hey Coach, I got a sports game for you,” I got so jacked I literally was about to do a back flip. Then when he added its for PSVR my heart was going so fast that I rushed home to install it. Now I don’t know about you folks but when the universe gives you a free game to play you just sort of have that Christmas eve euphoria on overdrive. So I got home, put in the code and up pops Sports Bar VR which is made by the great folks over at Cherry Pop Games Limited. Now let me preface this by saying that when I read the text from one of my bosses, I did not see the whole “Bar” part in the title. My brain simply saw the word Sports and was all “YESSSSSSSSS LETS GOOOOO!!!!” After the install though, I realized what I was about to dive into and had a brief moment of fear. You see I am horrible at bar/parlor room games. Darts, pool, etc I am complete garbage at them. I just lack the finesse. The fear passed when I realized this is a video game! I am pretty decent at video games, so lets do this yo! There are a few different game modes in Sports Bar VR and I...

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Xbox One Releases Week of Nov 1 thru Nov 7

So this week we get to see two holidays in one 5 day period. On Monday we had Halloween, where yours truly went dressed up as a wolf (our school mascot) and got my candy on. The other holiday is Call of Duty Day. It’s a blockbuster day filled with joy and sorrow. Newbs will be slain by the millions, pro players will level up so fast it hurts those of use with mediocre skills, and those who play the campaign will probably have something horrible to say about it.  It’s the internet, and for some reason hate is just one of those things we have to deal with. I love Call of Duty Day though. For the last 6 years, I have taken the day off on launch day so I can go to the midnight release, stop at Taco Bell on the way home, toss the game and get going. My plan will continue to be the same for this launch with the change being that I will be seeing the Dr. Strange movie first. With that said, let’s dive into this week’s releases, which go figure, are Call of Duty.   Those Major Titles:   Call of Duty Infinite Warfare  – Nov 4 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy  – Nov 4 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Pro Edition – Nov 4 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare your first born...

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Week of Oct 25 thru Oct 31

Games! I love this list of games because there is a lot on here that I will be getting for my achievement hunting in the winter months. I would love to have some kind of witting thing to place here but I got nothing. Lets get to the games folks. Those Major Titles though: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Deluxe and Regular editions) Oct 25 Farming Sim 17 Oct 25 Infinite Air with Mark McMorris Oct 25 Just Dance 17 Oct 25 Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Oct 28 Titan Fall 2 (all versions) Oct 28   The Down Low Launches:...

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Week of Oct 18 thru Oct 21 Xbox One Releases

Well folks, this has been a week. I was going to just post my original version of this but that felt dishonest and that is something I never want to be with you. What do I mean you may ask dear reader, well my plan was to release our Xbox update for Oct 18th thru October 24th this past Tuesday night due to the fact last week some stuff was added late and I wanted to give you all the gamie goodness you deserve. But then one of my football players got hurt and I wasn’t able to post it. So here it is a day late due to hospital visits, team time, and following up with my boy Ky. Ky if you read this, I cant wait to see how strong you come back from this. On to the games.   Those Major titles tho: Batman: Return to Arkham Oct 18th Battlefield One Oct 18th Jack Box Party Pack 3 Oct 21 Resident Evil Triple Back Rock Band Rivals Expansion Oct 18th   The Down Low launches: Mordheim City of the Damned Oct 18 (for those who didn’t pre order it) HoPiko Oct 18 Bug Butcher Oct 18 Horse Racing Oct 21 Slain: Back from Hell Oct 21   Game of the Week: Well folks, this was going to be Rock Band for me, cause I just love that new...

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This Week’s Xbox One Releases 2016

This week is the inaugural edition of our Xbox One weekly game launch article. IGN does it, Major Nelson does, those other sites do it. So we decided, “YO! We PSVG!” So now we are doing it too! So here we are, to tell you what’s up and coming in the Xbox empire. So let’s get it started! Our release windows will go Tuesday to Monday cause Xbox launches of course on Tuesdays. So without further ado, here are our Xbox One launch games for the week of October 11th thru 17th.   Those Major titles tho:  WWE 2k17 digital deluxe 10-10 Duke nukem 3D 20th anniversary 10-11 Gears of War 4 Standard 10-11 Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience 10-11 Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC 10-11 Payday 2: The Big Score 10-11 Battlefield 1 early enlisted deluxe 10-17 Battlefield 1 ultimate edition 10-17 Batman: Return to Arkham 10-17   The Down low launches: Castle invasion: throne out 10-11 Mantis Burn Racing 10-12 Blue Rider 10-12 Manuel Samuel October 14 Death God University October 14 Mordheim: city of the Damned  10-17    GAME OF THE WEEK: Gears, Battlefield? Even though both are great and I have had a lot of fun playing them early, Coaches game of the week is actually one of our Down low launches. So my Xbox one game of the week is Mordehim:...

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Pokémon Go from a Pokémon Novice

I have played two Pokémon games so far in my life, Yellow and Alpha Sapphire. I didn’t get very far in Alpha Sapphire but I did complete Yellow with a lot of help from friends leading me to water and then teaching me to drink. This week though when news broke that Pokémon Go was out and we could download it from the app store, I decided lets jump in and see what this is about. So after the game downloaded I took my dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and gave the game a chance. I caught two Pokémon off the bat. A Charmander and a Pidgey. I didn’t have any others pop up in the wild so I just continued our walk. When I got home I dove into the store to see what was all our there wanting to explore it. Items in the store can be bought with Pokecoins with those oh so famous micro-transactions we all love. Though normally I don’t believe in spending money on micro transactions, for the purpose of the review I used a $10 iTunes gift card (thanks GameStop) to give all the items in the store a chance. Items you can buy: Poke balls- used to catch wild Pokémon Incense-  uses a mysterious fragrence that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes Lucky egg- a lucky egg that...

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