ARMS, the next first party game for you Nintendo Switch, releases on Friday of next week (Yes the Friday AFTER E3). There was plenty of negative reaction to go around when the new IP was introduced at the Switch unveiling presentation in January. Now, it appears that the Global Test Punch demo’s put some positive spin was added to the conversation around ARMS.

Today, the embargo has lifted for site’s with early access to the game and we can finally get an idea on what the game critics around the internet think about ARMS and decide if its worth our hard earned time & cash. There’s a few of us in the Nintendo Shack than plan on buying Arms and we hope to bring you our thoughts in audio form after we’ve had our turn with the game for a little bit.

Arms’ clever take on boxing provides a simple premise with a startling amount of depth for those who would seek to master the stretching appendages. Its rapidly evolving lobby system had me sticking around for “just one more match.” There may not be a lot worth unlocking right now, but planned free updates may just give Arms some additional legs. ~ IGN

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Arms is a strong, substantial fighting game that takes a while to really hit its stride. Its barrier to entry is unlike anything else in the genre, but it’s one worth tackling in order to get at the game’s fascinating take on fighting. It may not have the same skill requirement as other fighting games, but the flexibility and fast thinking it requires secures it as one that works on its own terms and opens the genre up to a wider audience. ~ Gamespot

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ARMS is polished, addictive, immensely rewarding and – perhaps most important of all – establishes a solid platform to create a popular and long-running series. ~ Nintendo Life

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4 out of 5 stars

It’s tennis-boxing inside a carnival wrapped in a learning curve that against practiced players feels steep, and yes, that sounds like something few would play. Which is why Nintendo calls it Arms, a game that is more than it seems, novel in a genre prone to repetition, and precisely the sort of pick-up video game the Switch was designed for.  ~ Time

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vg247 says:

I don’t think ARMS is going to quite be the shocking, barnstorming success that Splatoon was, but it’s a very worthy addition to the Switch library, especially if you’re willing to invest the time to truly master its combat system and unique controls. Right now it’s solid but lacking content, and I’m extremely curious if strong free DLC support can make it great. Read the full review here.

Tom's Guide says:

However, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend spending $60 on Arms to someone who mostly plans on playing alone. There are a ton of weapons to unlock, but between the singleplayer’s fairly vanilla Grand Prix mode and its somewhat frustrating progression system, you might get bored pretty quickly if you’re not playing online or trading blows with your friends locally. Still, Arms is such a joy to play that you might find its flaws worth putting up with. If you’re looking for the next great Nintendo multiplayer game, you’ve absolutely found it.  Read the full review here.