If you missed the latest Nintendo Direct today featuring ARMS, here’s a quick recap!

Biff is back as our announcer this Direct.  He started out discussing the lore of ARMS, how the characters came to be and “woke up” with spindly, coiling arms, minus a few of the characters who don’t have the natural ability.  There’s also a new language similar to what they’ve done with the inkling’s language in Splatoon.

In ARMS 101, we started out with learning about Weights and Attributes.  Things we suspected before ended up being true.  Heavier weights affect momentum, i.e. heavy arms are slower and vice versa.  Furthermore, multiple-hit arms deal less damage per hit in the long run.  Attacks can also cancel out if opponents are wielding arms of the same weight.  Each arm has a separate attribute, and there are seven attributes in total: fire, electric, wind, ice, stun, explosion, and blind.  Biff notes that it is imperative to combine different attributes in battle.

Fighter information was split up into two parts, but we now know that ARMS boasts a total of ten fighters.

  • Spring Man uses a shockwave that deflects attacks, and he gets stronger when his health is low. His signature arms are toaster, boomerang, and tribolt.
  • Mechanica actually doesn’t have the makeup of stretchy arms but uses a suit with stretchy arms instead.  I previously noticed that all the other fighters have spiral irises and Mechanica’s eyes are not so.  Perhaps her lack of the “gene” is why her eyes are normal? She is built for hovering and durability, and her signature arms are revolver, whammer, and homie.
  • Ninjara, weirdly enough, is a ninja that is openly competing in the ARMS league as his senior project. Use him if you want good speed as well as the ability to disappear and warp.  Ninjara’s signature arms are chakram, buff, and triblast.
  • It seems Master Mummy was already deceased as a regular man but woke up in the mausoleum with new life and new arms to find his family?  He’s mammoth, and his signature arms are megaton, retorcher, and phoenix.
  • Kid Cobra, a newly announced fighter is deemed a “snakeboarder.” His fighting style involves charging up then dashing to your opponent!  His signature arms are slamamander, hydra, and coolerang.
  • Ribbon Girl, the pop superstar, is known for her multiple mid-air jumps. She’s also able to drop down quickly from above.  Her signature arms are sparky, popper, and slapamander.
  • Min Min, my personal favorite, is a martial arts master who knocks down punches with spin kicks.  Her left arm also transforms into a dragon.  Min Min’s signature arms are dragon, megawatt, and ramram.
  • Helix was accidentally created by the ARMS labs while they were researching the properties of the arms.  Basically Flubber, its whole body is stretchy.  Its signature arms are blorb, ice dragon, and guardian.
  • Byte and Barq is another new “fighter” that is a literal long arm of the law comprised of a robot police officer (Byte) and his dog companion (Barq). Barq is basically Nana to Byte’s Popo and will attack automatically alongside him.  Their signature arms are seekie, cracker, and bubb.
  • Twintelle is another newly announced fighter and, like Mechanica, does not possess the coily arms that most of the fighters have. She is a movie star who instead uses her long, curly hair in lieu of arms.  She has the ability to slow punches while charging, and her signature arms are chilla, parasol, and thunderbird.

All in all, there are ten fighters, and Biff makes sure we know that with all the arms available, that means thousands of combinations for fighters.

Play styles were touched upon next.  “Fight” is your run-of-the-mill one-on-one battle.  “Team Fight” adds another fighter to each team for a two-on-two battle.  There are “V-Ball” and “Hoops” which are essentially volleyball and basketball, respectively.  However, “V-Ball” requires fighters to punch a ball over the net with their arms, and “Hoops” involves shooting your opponent into a basket.  “Skillshot” has a very “Break the Targets” vibe from Super Smash Bros., and “1-on-100” is also reminiscent of Smash’s 100-Man Smash.  Lastly, there are ARMS test and training modes to try different combinations of arms together and to just generally “get good.”

Currency-wise, you collect in-game prize money for the minigame called “Arm Getter.”  It is what it sounds like; you get more arms.  You can get multiples, but duplicate arms you receive result in a higher attack power for that type of arm.  No moaning and groaning about racking up extras!

For battle modes, we have “Grand Prix” at the forefront.  Win ten straight matches to win the entire Grand Prix.  The Grand Prix is comprised of random play styles.  Online play allows fighters from around the globe to match up.  One lobby supports up to ten systems.  With the ability to have two players per system, that’s a total of twenty players per bracket for online play.

Ranked matches allow fighters to fight one-on-one for a rank similar to Splatoon’s ranked battle system.  If you win, your rank goes up.  Lose, and you lose rank.  Finally, local multiplayer allows up to eight players with eight systems to play similar to the party match in regular online play.

The Direct ended with an announcement that free updates would be released periodically after launch and would include new fighters, stages, and arms.  It’s like Splatoon DLC all over again!  The ARMS Global Testpunch was announced as well which will allow people to dip their toes in the water for a demo on the weekends of May 26th, 27th, and 28th and June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th before launch. The final scenes were shown with an overlay of the game’s theme, and done very well if I must say so.  Nintendo has been gearing more towards orchestrated music recently, and the vocals in this montage are just another way they’re showing it.

BONUS CONTENT! A new Splatoon 2 trailer debuted at the end of the ARMS coverage.  The trailer showed a new outside city area to mingle with fellow inklings.  And the player walks on over to Marie. In a kimono. With Tri-Forces on it.  The player follows her into a sewer.  Seems she’s here to take on Cap’n Cuttlefish’s job of getting you to hunt down Octarians this time around.  But where is Callie?  After a montage of new Octarian battles and power-ups, we get a new piece of art to end the trailer.  And … CALLIE IS EVIL?  GONE ROGUE?  JOINED THE OCTARIANS?  I know she lost the last Splatfest to Marie, but COME ON!  Certainly that doesn’t mean she has to go all evil, does she?  It will be interesting to see if Callie has jumped ship due to her Splatfest loss in Splatoon. (For the record, I’m a huge Callie fangirl.)

While I’m disappointed there’s no new amiibo of ARMS fighters, I’m still excited for launch day.  A game which originally (according to me) looked to be like another random IP now looks to be an awesome in-depth fighting game.  Can’t wait to get my hands on it next month!