The amazing guys over at GameXplain have just posted a nice detailed look at Detective Pikachu, the odd Pokemon spin-off announced for 3DS in Japan.

According to the original source (Perfectly-Nintendo)

First, we have some details about the characters:

  • Detective Pikachu: he likes coffee, and asks Tim to invite pretty women over for tea. The problem is: he’s quite weak around pretty women. He can talk like a human being, but he’s actually quite slow, and cannot use any moves like a regular Pikachu;
  • Mike Baker: head of the Detective Agency;
  • Amanda Blackstone: the office assistant;
  • Amelia Kristi: the new Assistant Director at a TV station;
  • Meiko Okamoto: a TV Director;
  • Pablo Milan: the owner of the High Hat Café.

Next, we have some details about the gameplay. You get to play as Tim as he goes around Rhyme City interviewing people and looking for evidence. Naturally, Tim talks to humans, while Pikachu is the one dealing with Pokémon. Once you’ve found a place to investigate, you can search for evidence using a magnifying glass.

UPDATE (2/2/16) – Tilmen (@Tilmen on Twitter) from Tilmendomination has posted the intro for Detective Pikachu for your enjoyment.

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